Kameleont is a friggebod (shed not requiring a building permit) of 15m2 designed by Belatchew Arkitekter. Kameleont can take various shapes and be adjusted to your current environment. The clothed roof bends townwards and forms the wall. The entire exterior  layer thereby becomes maintenance-free. A big glass-section with double doors opens up the front. A translucent roof forms a outdoor room on the terrace in front of the shed. WC, small kithen and shower are located together on one of the short sides to leave place for as much flexibility as possible in the rest of the shed. Kameleont can thereby be used as sauna, shed, summer house, studio, hosuing for an adolecent, office, spa or guest house. Kameleont is sold by Lilla Villan and are exhibited at Hem och Villa’s fair October 9-12 2008.


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