Invited competition for senior housing in Gävle, Sweden, 2012. In collaboration with Urbio.

Important keywords in the work with this proposal were: social community, active lives, comfortable living and sustainable solutions. Parts of the existing townhouses  have been preserved and extended while new  storey buildings have been added. The heart of the area and its greatest asset is the big park. It forms a natural central point and creates a sence of community for all the habitants.

The entrance to the area in the north is also the entrance to the park. A new building with four stories shaped in an open angle invites people into the area. The residential floors are elevated from the ground in order to leave a clear view from the driveway entrance to the park. Close to the building, along the eastern and western street, there is a new storey building on each side, followed by the existing townhouses which have been extended and complemented with new ones. The buildings thereby follow a soft escalation from north to South, from four stories to one.


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