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Belatchew Arkitekter wins the invited competition for the development of a new urban district in Uppsala focusing on sustainability. Following are extracts from the jury’s motivation:

Particularly interesting are the buildings with terraces on their short sides since they give a distinct character to the area (…) One wishes to use this to create a green city area with a specific identity. (…) The core strip buildings with a town house-feeling in the ground floor and first floor apartments, and more traditional core strip building apartments on the following floors are exciting and attractive since the habitants on the ground floor get private entrances and lawns. (…) The terrace buildings’ location with the gable walls directed towards the activity park and Fyrisån (the creek running through the city) reinforces the green areas in a pleasant way. (…) The point block towards Fyrisvallsgatan/Seminariegatan stands out and becomes a good landmark for the area. (…) The proposition that has the best potential from an environmental perspective and that also creates a good and particular character for the area which can make it attractive (…) Oxygen Architects and Belatchew Arkitekter places the area on the map as an exciting and new environmentally friendly city district to live in.

An industrial area remade into a living city area with housing, activity, commerce and recreation. A centrally located park runs along an old railway embankment and marks the historical passage. The park takes care of the day water and offers the area a meeting place where habitants can cultivate their own little pieces of land. The buildings are designed with pronounced terraces directed towards the park and Fyrisån giving the area a distinct identity.

Project in cooperation with Oxygen Architects. Number of apartments: appr. 1200. Client: HSB, Uppsalahem and Uppsala Kommuns Industrihus.

A new master plan for the northern part of Uppsala, Börjetull.


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