Eco House, a sustainable prefabricated house for Willa Nordic

Eco House is a completely new prefabricated house that combines sustainability with a high degree of design. This new type of house has been created for the design aware family who wants to live sustainably for a reasonable prize. The villa is made in untreated wood and is constructed with numerous smart solutions without forgetting the tailored design. The house, with the roof included, is entirely made up of untreated wood without paint containing chemicals and has thick isolation in the outer walls and roof to minimize energy loss. We have particularly taken into account the smart garbage separation system that facilitates recycling every day, and worked with renewable materials and vegetation that cleans the air. An outdoor room, in the form of a prolonged house body on one of the short ends, works as a green room with a pergola covered in vegetation. This vegetation created a lush room in-between the interior and the outdoors. In pace with the vegetation climbing up the sides of the pergola the character of the house changes and is given a living face clothed with leaves mirroring the season. The outdoor room can also use solar energy for the heating of the house. Eco House has thought-threw planning that uses the surface efficiently. It is a one and a half floor villa with 3.5 meters from floor to eave. An open planning promotes togetherness while maintaining the possibility for seclusion. The heating comes from exhaust heat pump. A stove placed centrally can also contribute to the heating of the whole house.

Photo: Göran Uhlin


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