Fisksätra - 3d-vy

Belatchew Arkitekter was invited to develop a proposal for new buildings with 320 apartments complementing existing apartment blocks in Fisksätra outside of Stockholm, Sweden. The analysis of the place showed a need to create better connections within the area and to add complementary buildings with diversity in volumes, heights and colors.

The challenge was to create buildings that could handle the noise from the nearby train tracks and the traffic all the while complementing the area with new urban qualities without removing the currently appreciated aspects of the area.  An important component was also to increase the social contact within the area by capitalizing on the flow of people between the train station and the city center, and to create continuity between the existing and the new courtyards.

The new buildings have a smaller and broken scale, between 3 and 8 floors high, as a complement to the existing large-scale structure.

A new dynamic streetscape towards Fisksätravägen is created where both the height of building as well as the facades’ position varies. The houses have been given a mild color palette where the base colors are white, sand and dark grey complemented by green, blue and yellow. One house deviates from this palette by being the only red and also slightly higher house indicating the placement of the center. The red color also connects to the existing buildings color palette.

The new courtyards have been connected to the existing elevated yards in a natural way that promotes the flow of people and connects the old with the new around a common yard. In favor of green areas we have worked to reduce the paved surfaces around the houses and activate the yards. The terraces and soft ramps create a natural transition between the new and existing yards. By linking existing yards in this way and by giving them a stronger character meeting places and new flows to the streets are created, that in turn provide the preconditions for a better communication between the buildings and the nearby water.

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