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March 11, 2015: Stockholm Insect Farm Wins Architectural Review Award at MIPIM Cannes Festival

“Belatchew Arkitekter has been awarded the Architectural Review MIPIM Future Project Award 2015 at the 26th edition of the MIPIM property event currently being held in Cannes, France, for the urban insect farm BuzzBuilding in the non-enterable category ‘Sustainability.’”

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March 5, 2015: Belatchew Arkitekter Wins Invited Architectural Competition for Landmark Building in Stockholm

“Atrium Ljungberg, one of Sweden’s largest listed real estate companies, has selected Belatchew Arkitekter as the winner of an invited architectural competition for the construction of a symbolic building in Hagastaden in Stockholm. The building will serve as a meeting place for those who live in, work in, and visit the area, and will accommodate a restaurant and a rooftop terrace.”
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December 3, 2014: SwimCity – 3D-Printed Housing on Water

Belatchew Arkitekter’s studio Belatchew Labs presents SwimCity, a project that aims to increase the supply of housing for young people by creating a sustainable living on water. The project has been supported by the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.
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June 9, 2014: InsectCity and BuzzBuilding makes Stockholm Self-sufficient

“Belatchew Arkitekters’ studio Belatchew Labs present InsectCity and the BuzzBuilding insect farm. By locating insect farms in nine roundabouts around Stockholm city, the goal of making Stockholm self-sufficient in protein is achieved.”
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2013-07-05: STRAWSCRAPER Shortlisted by World Architecture Festival

“Strawscraper by Belatchew Arkitekter has been shortlisted by World Architecture Festival within the category Future Projects >> Experimental. The World Architecture Festival is the world’s largest architectural festival and awards competition dedicated to celebrating, and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe. The 2013 Festival is to be held in Singapore 2-4 October 2013.”

2013-05-16: Strawscraper – an Urban Power Plant in Stockholm

“Belatchew Arkitekter presents STRAWSCRAPER, the first project to come out of the newly established Belatchew Labs. STRAWSCRAPER is an extension of Söder Torn on Södermalm in Stockholm with a new energy producing shell covered in straws that can recover wind energy.”

2013-02-11: Belatchew Arkitekter Designs Steps for JABO

“Belatchew Architects has designed an innovative and exclusive small house for JABO called Steps. Steps is designed with a staircase leading to the roof terrace offering views and sun. Both the staircase and the house are equipped with innovative features. A bench at one of the gables conceals storage, and the stairs contain a growing tray and a retractable outdoor kitchen. Large sliding glass doors and windows on three sides make Steps a very contemporary guest house, hobby room or cottage.”

2012-05-29: RB Arkitektur Has Changed Name to Belatchew Arkitekter

“Belatchew Arkitekter AB is the new company name for RB Arkitektur AB. The name change is marked with a new corporate identity and a new logotype. The name change is a natural evolution for Belatchew Arkitekter, in a situation where the company is growing and developing a number of new exciting projects, where a clearer corporate identity will assist Belatchew Arkitekter’s growth strategy.”

2011-11-02: RB Arkitektur Develops Uppsala’s Inner City

“Among a great number of applicants RB Arkitektur has been chosen to form the first stage of the new city development area of Östra Sala Backe in Uppsala, the fourth largest city of Sweden.
– Uppsala is in an expansive phase and it is a privilege to be able to partake in the first stage of such an important city development project, says Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, CEO and founder of RB Arkitektur AB.”

2011-04-21: RB Arkitektur participated at ECOWEEK 2011 in Thessaloniki

“RB Arkitektur has participated at ECOWEEK 2011 Urban Communities + Green Architecture, an international conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. Rahel Belatchew Lerdell gave a talk on sustainable urban development, and presented two projects with a clear ecological character, namely a master plan for a new district in Uppsala and housing in Norra Djurgårdsstaden in Stockholm, Sweden.”

2008-05-29: Rahel Belatchew Juror in Latvian Architectural Competition

“The Latvian organization Green Homes have organized Latvia’s first national competition in wooden architecture during the spring of 2008. The founder of RB Arkitektur, Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, participated in an international jury.
– Since Latvia and Sweden both have a long tradition in wooden architecture, it was an honor to point out the new wave of contemporary buildings made of wood, says Rahel Belatchew.”

2008-11-11: Sustainable Architecture Attracts Great Interest at International Architectural Festival

“RB Arkitektur participated in the First International festival for Architectural Models under the title “100 rooms – 100 models” in Budapest. RB Arkitektur presented a model of ”Eco House”, a sustainable prefabricated single family house developed in collaboration with leading Swedish house producer Willa Nordic.”

2007-08-12: Wallpaper* Unveils RB Arkitektur, with Sweden’s Architect of the Year, as One of the World’s Most Exciting New Architects

“Wallpaper*, the international design magazine, has chosen RB Arkitektur for its Architects Directory: 101 of the world’s most exciting new architects. The directory emphasizes RB Arkitektur’s ambition to identify the uniqueness of each project through extensive analysis of each different programme. Such an approach allows for a variety of expressions and architectural solutions.”

2006-12-01: Rahel Belatchew Lerdell of RB Arkitektur Named Architect of the Year

“The jury recognized that some authors write the same book over and over again or return to the same character year after year. And some architects return to the same forms in an on-going greatest hits collection. Rahel Belatchew Lerdell does not belong to them. If you want to be a trademark, a Frank Gehry, a superstar who signs his or her autograph in steel and concrete against the metropolitan skylines, it is an advantage to have certain characteristics and manners that are easy to distinguish.
Another way to create a trademark is to deliberately try to drown your own attributes and creative tics, and start every building project from a blank sheet of paper. In which case a personal undertone is most often maintained, and for Rahel Belatchew Lerdell it is a certain continental elegance that shines through her buildings. They could as easily be situated in Paris as in Stockholm.
As a Swedish version of Herzog & de Meuron she surprises with all her projects. Her architecture has got that certain something that you recognize when you see it but which is very hard to capture — our age. Rahel Belatchew Lerdell’s design is contemporary and lasts long.”

Press Releases in Swedish

2012-12-07: Rahel Belatchew ny ledamot i redaktionsrådet för Tidningen Trä

“Belatchew Arkitekters VD och grundare Rahel Belatchew Lerdell har blivit utsedd till ny ledamot i Tidningen Träs redaktionsråd. Tidningen Trä är en tidning för inspiration och kunskap till den svenska bygg- och fastighetssektorn och ges ut av branschorganisationen Svenskt Trä. Rahel Belatchew Lerdell kommer även verka som krönikör i tidningen.”

2012-11-22: Katarina Wallin och Owe Swanson går in i Belatchew Arkitekters styrelse

“Belatchew Arkitekter stärker sin styrelse med två erfarna och rutinerade ledamöter. Katarina Wallin går in som styrelseordförande och Owe Swanson som ledamot i företagets styrelse.”

2010-09-01: Belatchew Arkitekter vinner parallellt uppdrag i Norra Djurgårdsstaden (pdf)

2010-08-11: Tysk TV, Deutsche Welle porträtterar arkitekt Rahel Belatchew Lerdell (pdf)

2010-04-13: Börjetull, ny stadsdel i Uppsala (pdf)

2010-02-25: Omvärldsbevakning av hållbar arkitektur (pdf)

2009-10-13: Belatchew Arkitekter vinner uppdrag från Skanska om att omvandla kontor i Stockholms innerstad till bostäder (pdf)

2009-03-23: Retail+Arkitektur+Design (pdf)

2009-03-06: Utställning Rahel Belatchew Arkitektur (pdf)

2008-12-15: Rahel Belatchew juryledamot i fransk arkitekttävling (pdf)

2008-11-10: Ekologisk arkitektur av stort intresse på internationell arkitekturfestival (pdf)

2008-10-09: Belatchew Arkitekter presenterar Kameleont, en ny Friggebod på 15 m2 (pdf)

2008-05-16: Unikt tillfälle att uppleva ett unikt hus (pdf)

2008-04-05: Grön paviljong gör Stockholms ogästvänligaste plats mer välkomnande (pdf)

2007-12-05: Belatchew Arkitekter lanserar “Eco House” – ett ekologiskt designhus i samarbete med Willa Nordic (pdf)

2007-10-30: Det är dags för Stockholm att växa upp (pdf)

2007-10-08: Kungsbroskrapan – förslag till ny skyskrapa i Stockholms innerstad (pdf)