New construction of 140 rental apartments. With a continuous but broken volume an urban facade is created towards Rosendalsvägen, simultaneously reflecting the nearby buildings’ small scale. Through shifts in the facade and varying eaves the impression of a number of small buildings rather than a large one is created. The different facade elements have been given different materials. Polishes in earthy colors interspersed with facade panels to further enhance the small-scale feeling.

In the courtyard there are two clearly defined stand-alone buildings with hipped roofs. These have a distinguished shape and character that is different from the buildings towards Rosendalsvägen and the pedestrian and cycle route in order to create a strong connection with surrounding buildings with pitched roofs. The structure formed here creates an airy courtyard that invites to movement between the two properties. This approach creates a cohesive neighborhood united by a ruptured small-scale. Meanwhile, the properties are given their own characters that enhance the experience of the yard and the street space.


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