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Townhouses in Stockholm.

The location for these townhouses is a south facing lot, sloping in two directions and offering a beautiful view of the outskirts of Stockholm. Surrounding buildings vary from big establishments to smaller entities. The target group is younger families who have grown too big for their apartments and who long for a house but would rather not move out to the suburbs. Our townhouses should be a link between the big and the small, between the city and the suburb – the dream about the house in the city!

Every housing entity has two floors and access to a private garden or terrace. Together the entities form two rows of townhouses, one on top of the other, that climb up the slope.

When choosing materials and colors we studied the lot as it looks today, a green overgrown slope. By designing the facades of the houses in the same range of colors as the greenery, creating a sort of camouflage, we re-established and aspired to give back some of what we had claimed.


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