We are more than architects

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A building plays a role in a much larger narrative than that of facades, roofs and form. It belongs to its people and surroundings and serves a purpose in the place where it is located. Both today, and for future generations to inherit.

With us, you receive inspiration — we’re problem solvers who test new ways to use a building. New, clever materials. Unexpected designs. Novel technical solutions. Everything that helps the building impact people’s lives in different ways. Whether they live there, work there or are just passing through. So you get something that stands out and at the same time feels at home in its surroundings.

To the city, to the surroundings, to everyone on the move. For those who have found their home. For those waiting to be born. What we create is for you.

We make things happen

We are your partner who thinks innovatively. To create something that endures, we sometimes need to try new ways of looking at old solutions. Our role as architects is to challenge and be a driving force, while at the same time connecting the dots. Everyone who creates with us feels that they are an important part of the process. Everyone who moves within and lives on the site is a part of history. That’s how we create value at the right price.

Sustainable architecture

Sustainability in architecture is both important and possible. It is important to us at Belatchew that everything we create has a long lifespan and contributes to its place and the people who live there. Here you can read more about how we help you reach your climate goals and desired certifications.

Sommar i P1 - Listen to Rahel Belatchew

In Sommar i P1, Rahel highlights why language, architecture and memories are connected and why architecture is a matter for everyone. For people, for the city, for the environment and for the future. You can, among other things, hear Rahel reflect on how architecture is the foundation for people’s lives and that architecture and urban development can meet a changing lifestyle.

Attitude as Style - Rahel Belatchew, Architect

This monograph provides insights on several of Belatchew’s key projects, such as StrawScraper, BuzzBuilding, Stockholm Loop, Discus and Tensta Torn. It contains texts by Daniel Golling, Paul Finch and Martin Rörby as well as an interview with Rahel Belatchew by Nils Forsberg.
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