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We measure sustainability. Sustainability in architecture is both important and possible. As long as we set goals and do climate calculations at the beginning of each project, we can build for the future. This applies to all projects, regardless of whether it is a building drawn from the ground up or a renovation of an existing building. It is important to us at Belatchew that everything we create has a long lifespan and contributes to its place and the people who live there. Here you can read more about how we help you reach your climate goals and desired certifications.

Build for the future – we measure sustainability

There is something vague about the concept of sustainability. But for us it is both tangible and measurable. Starting with the first sketches of a building, we measure what it’s climate footprint will be.

Based on your goals for maximum CO2 emissions per square meter, we create and adjust the volume, frame and materials so that the project meets the set goals. This can also be done according to specific requests for the building to be climate positive, climate neutral or to receive a certain certification. Parallel to this, we produce energy and cost calculations so that you can easily compare different options.

When it comes to reusing and rebuilding, we work in the same way with inventory of existing buildings – to meet climate targets. Read more under reusing buildings.

Reuse – the most sustainable building is the one that already exists

There are many ways to think sustainably when rebuilding. Selecting materials such as wood is a tried and tested approach, but there are several other methods. Because no matter how you view it, the most sustainable building is the one that already exists. Therefore, before a rebuild, we offer to do an inventory of the existing building with a focus on circularity. This way, we can use what is already built when we create something new. Reusing building parts is a very effective way to reduce the climate footprint and have a positive effect on the environment. Just like with newbuilds, we can make climate calculations for the project and adapt drawings according to the certification you want.

Education in sustainability

Many wonder how they should go about making sustainability a reality within their organization. What methods can we use and how should we think about new production or rebuilding? It is also important to keep track of current regulations and which requirements are set from a climate perspective. That’s why we offer a half-day course in sustainable architecture for those of you who are active in the construction and real estate industry. This education will help you implement sustainable construction choices in your projects, or create consensus around the concept and define a level of ambition. But it also helps those of you who work with planning at a municipal level to understand how you can set requirements in terms of sustainability.

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