Canal Digital
Office interior

Office interior for Canal Digital Sweden

Belatchew Arkitekter was commissioned by Canal Digital Sweden to evaluate new prospective facilities for the company at Gärdet in Stockholm. Our proposition for the disposition of the facilities together with a description of a typical room made it possible for the company to choose the most appropriate facility. Canal Digital thereby got a good foundation for the rent negotiations and agreement draft.

Office interior, 2008
Canal Digital HQ, Stockholm, Sweden
Office interior
Canal Digital

A determinant factor during the drawing of the office interior design was the fact that all 100 coworkers sit in an open landscape. Another important question regarded the possibility for the company to hold big meetings within its own facilities where approximately 80 persons could gather at one time.

The Corporate Identity of the company has been integrated into the interior design so that the experience of Canal Digital in the physical facility corresponds to the rest of the marketing communication in TV-commercials and on the internet. The office landscape runs along the faces of the facility in order to maximize daylight at the desks.

In order to create the best preconditions possible for Canal Digital to work in an office landscape we made sure to design 14 silent rooms that are very much used today. The silent rooms come in different sizes and accommodate one workplace, or two to four armchairs. They are situated along the desks of the open landscape so that all employees can access one easily. The colors of the interior design are principally made up of Canal Digitals colors black, white and orange. As a complement to these we have added green and violet which also are a part of the company’s Corporate Identity. With the help of the colors it becomes easier to orient oneself within the facility. They have also given distinct identities to the different formations of silent rooms.

In the heart of the facility we have placed a light, green and big room. This is where the employees come to take a break from work, spend time together, eat lunch or grab a cup of coffee. In this big room there is a long dining table as well as a lounge area with low armchairs that together provide 50 seats. The room can thereby be used for big meetings and only needs to be complemented with a few chairs. Belatchew Arkitekter was also commissioned to buy all the interior design.