Damen Norrköping
Office Building and Parking Garage

Good architecture today is tomorrow’s heritage

With innovation, strong identity and a focus on health and well-being, we created 'Damen' (Swedish for 'the Lady') - a place with both vibrant city life and rest and rest where there is room for the spontaneous and unexpected.

With one foot in history and one in the future, ‘Damen’ is a groundbreaking design well rooted in the present. The area Svanen 5 in Norrköping, Sweden, has an attractive location by a public square, close to the quayside and within walking distance to the new travel center, which creates excellent conditions for a mixed-use building.

‘Damen’ offers a new solution for parking that takes advantage of today’s cutting-edge technology to optimize the utilization rate and reduce built-in volume. This is done through an automated parking solution that requires a lower floor-to-ceiling height and at the same time reduces unsafety as no one enters the garage. The use of lifts and automation eliminates the need for space-consuming ramps.
To meet a future where parking garages may no longer be needed, there is already a strategy in place for a simple conversion into other functions in the future. The innovative parking solution frees up land to be able to create a courtyard with greenery adjacent to the planned office building, both of which are open with good access to daylight and views outwards. In the office building, flexible floor plans can meet a workplace in change where the use of premises is constantly changing and the need for different types of meeting places increases.

The building’s flexibility manifests itself in two different parts; in the office spaces where the majority of the floor plan is flexible and at the southern gable end designed to be a vertical streetscape with flexible spaces for cultural activities, learning facilities and recreation). This second zone creates an open contact area between the businesses and the public, with a multi-faceted palette of meeting places, rooms for joint activities and site-specific solutions that take advantage of the context and the view. The internal activity is visible in the façade, which creates a unique architectural expression. The architectural form in the façade design is also used for natural sun protection.

Inspired by Japanese style gardens with crushed gravel surfaces and groomed trees, the courtyard becomes a beautiful and tranquil place from which to rest your eyes on those moving through the building. The parking garage is divided into two volumes whose repetitive wave-shaped façades form a solid backdrop for the inner courtyard. Norrköping is sometimes referred to as ‘Peking’ (Swedish for ‘Beijing)’) giving the garden’s stylistic references further meaning.

The office building is designed with people’s well-being in focus, with the opportunity for them to work outdoors. The building is designed in relation to its context, being only four stories high towards Slottsgatan and Kaptensgatan while seven stories towards the public square. It makes it clearly visible from the square and gives the public space a dynamic façade. The building’s volumes have been designed to meet its surrounding buildings and to enable the best possible daylight inlet.