Discus is a new landmark building for the growing municipality of Nacka, located just outside of Stockholm. With its characteristically irregular silhouette, it is a symbol of the metropolitan area and a condensed city in itself as it combines the essence of what makes a city liveable, attractive and sustainable. Discus will also be visible from the highway and the gateway to the new centre of Nacka, as it hosts the new subway station.

Planning phase
Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden
Mixed use
Sveafastigheter Utveckling

As a station, it will hold a key position in the area with a rich variety in programming that will support and enhance public transport as the first-hand choice for visitors. The presence of large flows of people at different times of the day makes it possible to introduce different types of programmes that can support new types of lifestyles where boundaries between work and leisure, as well as home and office, are blurred. This context also stimulates innovation and testing of new ideas.

As part of a city block, Discus will offer public spaces on the ground floor towards all adjacent streets. The ground floor spaces are flexible in order to adjust to different needs over time. The design of the facades at ground floor level has an added complexity that will give the pedestrians a rich visual experience. The upper floors of the block and the high rise contain residential areas.

Apartments of different sizes, for rent or to let, make it possible for different types of households to co-habit. Along with co-living and co-working units, the block will house many types of households and age groups, which strengthens the social sustainability. The energy consumption is held at low levels in combination with locally produced energy from rooftop solar panels. Large public and private rooftop terraces offer outdoor spaces to the neighbourhood, and the remaining rooftops are covered with greenery in order to retain storm water. The courtyard is lush and combines flowers with fruit trees and berries, and the inhabitants will also be able to grow their own vegetables there.

Since the building will be located on top of a subway station, the need for owning a car will be minimal. Instead, the inhabitants of Discus will be encouraged to use bicycles for shorter trips and to become part of a carpool when in need of a car.

Discus is clad in a reflective material in warm colours. Its complex volume, with variations from floor to floor, makes the apartments unique and gives the building an ever-changing appearance depending on the point of view. At night, it will glow like a warm lantern pointing out the centre of the new Nacka.

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