Residential Housing

Midsommarkransen, Stockholm

Flora is a residential building in one of Stockholm’s most expansive districts — Midsommarkransen. Situated on the main street Bäckvägen, the building enhances the street’s expression while adding a contemporary element. The ground floor has room for a café at one end of the sloping plot, and underneath the building is a garage.

Completed 2020
Midsommarkransen, Stockholm
Belatchew Fastigheter and Sveafastigheter

Photos: Michael Perlmutter

Flora adds a new annual ring to the district, through an interpretation of existing buildings and architecture in the area. In addition, wood is introduced as a new material for the district. Flora also strengthens the street and defines the intersection.

The facade composition is classic, yet modern. The facade is clad in wood, in the form of a material with natural variations in texture and colour. The roof is covered by plants and other vegetation, which provides a habitat for butterflies and other insects and thus underscore the building’s green contribution to the area. The roof is also fitted with solar panels, and the flats have many light openings and tall ceilings, as well as a signature wall in wood that gives each one a unique character. All flats have a French balcony, the flats facing the courtyard have large south-facing balconies, and the flats on the top floors have terraces extending across the full length of the facade.

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