Residential Housing


Residential Housing in Uppsala, Sweden

Knäckepilen is a residential house built in Uppsala with a facade of shiny zinc, bold angles and triangular-shaped balconies resulting in a house above the ordinary.
The house has a strategic location besides a park and therefore becomes visible from a far distance, which means particularly high demands on the design. The ambition was therefore to create a unique house that does not resemble anything else and where the choice fell on zinc sheet as a new and interesting material for the site. By using a single material – in this case zinc sheets – the volumes become more prominent, such as the triangular-shaped windows and the balconies.
The sharp shape of the house creates a line of sight between Vaksala church and Uppsala castle, creating a lot of character with large glazed areas or open balconies on the short sides. Something that also makes the house unique is the triangular-shaped balconies facing the park.
The house has a nice location next to the Knäckepil park and a lovely courtyard. The house has a lot of character and the apartments are well-planned and bright. There is also a sunny roof terrace to which the residents have access.

Client: Åke Sundvall AB
Photo: Anders Fredriksen