Kungsbroskrapan, Highrise, Stockholm

The Kungsbroskrapan is a high-rise proposal for Stockholm City. We believe the city has a potential for new buildings presenting progressive architecture of an international standard.

Design Proposal

The 30-storey building contains offices as well as apartments.

The site has been chosen for its strategic location next to the main railway station amidst railway tracks and roads, where the Kungsgatan street meets the bridge Kungsbron, at the shore of Klara Lake.

The building also becomes a counter piece to the existing Kungsbro-towers further to the north on the same street. While designing the building our aim has been to make it part of the surrounding flow of the railway traffic.

The building reaches upward in a linear movement with parallel lines continuing without interruption from the street up onto the façade in one sole movement, like the tracks of the railway system. The building then splits into two with one body branching off to the side like a track switch, while the other turns to face the waterside.