Residential Housing

Grønn, an urban neighborhood in Nacka

Naturban is Nacka Municipality's concept for the new Nacka City where nature meets the urban. The Grønn neighborhood is the physical embodiment of the concept and the result of a win in a land designation competition that Belatchew has done together with Selvaag.

12900 kvm
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Illustration of the Grønn neighbourhood

Grønn is a home where everyone, regardless of where in the neighborhood they live, and regardless of whether the home is small or large, gets a home surrounded by greenery with a natural connection between inside and outside. The feeling of living in a park or having a garden is palpable. Here the vegetation is not only visible and present, here you also have the opportunity to cultivate and get involved as much as you wish.

The project is located between a park and a new square as well as the existing commercial strip. Grønn adds something completely new to the site, a unique and characterful building whose voluminous vegetation on all sides of the block takes the park all the way out to Vikdalsvägen. Visible construction in wood contributes to the overall experience of a neighborhood in symbiosis with nature.

Through the programming of the ground floor, the neighborhood contributes to an active urban life. Grønn brings nature to the city and city to nature. Here you can sit on the restaurant’s outdoor terrace in the middle of Central Nacka and still be surrounded by vegetation and greenery. In the same way, you can live on one of the roof terraces with a view of the park while having a large range of trade and services right outside the door.

Grønn is a project imbued with community. Today we know that strong social ties are an important contributing factor to good health. We also know that loneliness is something that spreads in society and that security in a neighborhood is strengthened when neighbors get to know each other.

Here we are building a project for community with a greenhouse as a focal point that provides visual views towards the greenery in the park and towards the farm. The combination of greenery, urbanity and strong social ties through Selvaag Pluss creates sustainable living for the future where nature and health are the focus.

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