Royal Seaport
Residential Housing

Belatchew Arkitekter wins invited competition

Norra Djurgårdsstaden in Hjorthagen (Royal Seaport) is a new innovative and sustainable urban district that will be built during the coming decade

The area will consist of about 5000 new housings as well as facilities for service and commercial activities. The project consists of two apartment houses with a total of approx. 100 apartments. The buildings are designed to fulfill the new city district’s high environmental standards. A few examples:

– Walls of close to 50 cm in width guarantee high thermal insulation while balconies create natural solar shading.

– The facade’s large balconies with integrated greenhouses create, together with wires on the facades, a vertical carpet of vegetation.

– Solar panels on the roofs produce 30% of the buildings’ electricity and ventilation is performed through a FTX system.

– Generous entrances and common rooftop terraces creates meeting places for the residents.

– Waste amounts are minimized through waste mills and the garbage removal is performed through a waste suction system.

– The buildings have green roofs that absorb rain water and minimize stress on the day water system.

– Biking is encouraged through large and easily accessible bike parking.

Photo: Michael Perlmutter