The Rudbeckia Kollektivhus - Co-Living with a Proud Swedish History

The Rudbeckia House is the result of the Rudbeckia association’s ambition to create housing for its members in Uppsala, Sweden, building on a proud Swedish history of “kollektivhus” – houses for collective living.

Expected completion, 2022
Rosendal, Uppsala
Residential, co-living
Sveafastigheter Bostad

Rudbeckia is an association for co-living in Uppsala. The members have been involved in shaping the design of the building. Being in contact with the future inhabitants throughout the process ensures sustainable architectural solutions.

The common ground floor areas of the building facilitate social meetings and create a welcoming atmosphere that extends outside. Thanks to the common spaces, the co-living house will be in use for more hours of the day. Communal activities, such as growing plants or cooking, are economical and help simplifying everyday life.

Waste sorting has a much larger potential in a co-living context, and food waste in particular can be recycled in a more controlled manner. This contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle that also serves as inspiration to the building’s neighbours.

The rooftop terrace provides a shared meeting place for the residents. The surface is green and spacious, with room for many. It is closely linked to the rooftop pavilion. As part of a co-living, one is never alone, and from a sustainable point of view, spaces as well as tools can be shared to a greater extent and therefore be used in a more efficient manner.

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