Twist - a Symbolic Building in Stockholm

Twist is the winning proposal in an invited architectural competition for the construction of a symbolic building in Hagastaden in Stockholm.

The building will serve as a meeting place for those who live in, work in, and visit the area, and will accommodate a restaurant and a rooftop terrace.

The building is located at the intersection of the inner-city area Vasastaden, the emerging Hagastaden (the Haga city) and the New Karolinska hospital. The building is approximately 700 square meters and will be partly built on two levels.

The building has been named the “Twist” which alludes to its twisted shape, but also on the program that combines work with pleasure, the individual with the collective. The lightweight structure is in wood, turning smoothly from one floor to the other, through a wide and inviting multi-functional staircase connecting the main floor with the upper floor and roof terrace in a seamless way. The border between the first and second floor is blurred, and the upper floor becomes easily accessed and attractive. With ongoing activities both day and night, the Twist becomes a vibrant place that lights up even when the surrounding offices have closed for the day. Aesthetically the starting point has been the building rights that have been given a “twist”, which can also be connected to the life science theme of the area and the name of the quarter, “Genen” (the gene), as the spiral form of the building also alludes to the DNA-helix.

BuzzBuilding in Archinect, 2014.
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