Expo 2020 Dubai

8 december 2018

Tävlingsbidrag paviljong till världsutställningen i Dubai

Med arkitektens egna ord:

”Our proposal for the Swedish pavilion at World Expo in Dubai 2020 where we were selected to compete as one of four teams. The brief was about communicating core Swedish values and innovation using wood as the main construction material.

Our concept was based on the unique Swedish “allemansrätten”, public right of way, which means that also privately-owned land is accessible to all. We wanted to showcase the open and family friendly Swedish society as well.

Anyone who has attended a World Expo knows the competition for the visitor’s attention is fierce, it is usually very warm, one must queue, and places to rest are rare. Our design concept “Inside-Out” is about public space and innovation – two domains where Sweden stands out on the global arena. The architectural elements merge traditional timbre construction with technologically advanced design.

A wooden landscape rises from the ground and forms the roof of the pavilion. The landscape itself is covered by a large undulating roof reminiscent of the widespread Swedish snowy landscapes in winter. Other details include robots integrated in speaking flowers to keep you company on a bench and charging stations in the queuing area with solar panels shaped like oversized Swedish insects. On the inside, conference facilities and exhibition areas display Swedish innovations through different themes in an environment with a strong experience of wood.

Our team included Belatchew Arkitekter, WSP, Fritz Halvorsen and Bea Szenfeld.

So if anyone out there is looking for a striking design in wood for a venue, just give me a call, we have a concept!”

Rahel Belatchew, CEO, Founder and Principal Architect, Belatchew Arkitekter

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