Belatchew Labs presenterar SthlmLoop i Almedalen

25 juni 2018

En effektiv katalysator för 100 000 nya invånare och deras behov vad gäller arbete, boende, distribution, handel och idrott.

Belatchew Labs presenterar SthlmLoop i Arkitekturträdgården i Almedalen måndagen den 2 juli kl. 15:00.


  • Kristina Alvendal, Moderator
  • Tatjana Joksimović, Länsstyrelsen Stockholm/li>
  • Daniel Markström, Jernhusen
  • Rahel Belatchew, Chefsarkitekt och VD, Belatchew Arkitekter
  • Lena Odelberg, Kontorschef, Belatchew Arkitekter
  • Caroline Ekeberg, Arkitekt, Belatchew Arkitekter


In May 2013, French site 3Dnatives published an article about SwimCity as one of the best examples of 3D printed architecture.
In 2011 Swedish Magazine 'Nya Rum' published an article about UH1.
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2015 MSN Money named 'Twist' a "ridiculously cool building of the future"
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Wired, January 2018: "As cities grow and become more dense we need to find ways of creating more self-sufficient structures," says Rahel Belatchew, founder of Swedish architecture firm Belatchew Arkitekter.
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In 2018 RUM Magazine named Rahel Belatchew on its 2018 powerlist.
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In 2015 German magazine Der Spiegel published an interview with Rahel Belatchew.
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“Rahel Belatchew of the Swedish urban design practice, Belatchew Arkitekter, highlighted an experimental proposal of how urbanites in Stockholm could one day get their food.”
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In 2017 Swedish magazine RUM published an article about Fjärilen.
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In 2017 Green Savers published an article about InsectCity.
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