Belatchew HQ
Office interior

Interior for our own office on Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden.

The office is located in an industrial building, Danviksstation, formerly Södermalms generator. The building is given a lot of character by its details in yellow brick and copper. Inside, the office is characterized by a generous ceiling height with concrete arches.

Office interior, 2014
Office interior
Belatchew Arkitekter

Three criteria were set for the interior design.

1. To create a functional and pleasant workplace.
2. Use the premises as a display of material samples in full scale
3. Let each employee make a definite impression on the interior.

The major part of the room is furnished like a workshop – or creative workshop – where we work, build models and have access to our library. In such a large open space the great challenge is the acoustic environment. In order not to cover the beautiful arched concrete roof but still get a good sound environment, we have chosen to cover most of the floor with a large rug with different textures and colors and dress one wall with large felt panels. In addition to decreasing noise the panel wall is our bulletin board. Along the opposite wall the work of the company is presented on large color prints.

To engage and enable all employees of the office to leave a mark on the interior, we created what we call “Short Stories,” a series of stories that are memories of a color. Each employee has contributed with a color of their choice, that has then been painted in an entire room or otherwise given a prominent position. These injections of color are found in the smaller rooms outside of the main workplace, such as kitchen, quiet room, toilets and meeting rooms. Somewhere on the painted surface is a color code, a date, the memory in question and the name of the person who remembers. For example, visitors entering the hall are met by “NCS S 2030-B60G Niels Taxibilar Kuba (Taxi cars Cuba) 2009”. The text for each color has consciously been discreetly placed and requires a little effort to find, creating curiosity and generating a journey through space. The colors are also carriers of a story that gives a glimpse of the people of the company.

As a complement to traditional material samples, we have chosen to use our premises to experience samples of material at full scale. Several shorter walls are covered with the standard wood samples from the hardware stores. It features panels in different sections and with different surface treatment so that both we and our customers can experience the material in actual size. The large carpet in our workshop also serves as a material sample of different kinds of rugs in different textures and colors. Likewise, the sometimes sharp colors of “Short Stories” are opportunities to experience entire rooms painted in something other than white.

A part of our workshop is a lounge area with armchairs. The armchair group here consists of well-chosen furniture representing different eras and styles from classical to contemporary modern design. The venue holds about 20 workstations thereby giving us the opportunity to expand and it also works well to hold bigger events of all kinds.