Expo 2020 Dubai
Public building

Competition entry for Sweden's Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion

The concept of Expo Dubai is inspired by the Swedish allemansrätten, or ‘freedom to roam’ — the general public’s right to access certain public or privately owned land, lakes and rivers for recreation and exercise.

Competition, 2018
Public building
National Property Board Sweden
Image courtesy of WAX.

Image courtesy of WAX.
Image courtesy of WAX.

Through the creation of an easily accessible pavilion characterised by an openness that reflects the Swedish society, Expo Dubai showcases modern wooden construction while connecting to the design of traditional wooden cottages.

Instead of merely taking the form of a pavilion, the project doubles the interiors through a large exterior space covered by a grand wooden roof structure that provides shade from the harsh Dubai sun. The shape of the roof evokes the landscapes of Sweden, by referring to the soft waves of the hills as well as the sea and the sky. The exterior space becomes a shaded place for rest and also a stage for performances.