Hagsätra hubb

New landmark in Hagsätra outside Stockholm

Belatchew Arkitekter, together with Sveafastigheter Bostad, has won an a competition to build a new landmark in Hagsätra Centrum , with co-living, co-working, a bicycle workshop and Sweden's smallest cinema. The winning proposal is named "Hagsätra hubb" - where education, sport and community form Hagsätra's new landmark, focusing on social sustainability.

Planning phase
Hagsätra, Stockholm, Sweden
Mixed use
Sveafastigheter Bostad

Hagsätra Hub is the vision of a landmark for Hagsätra and will provide the suburb south of Stockholm with a new and modern silhouette. The project adds spaces both indoors and outdoors intended to encourage meetings between generations and attract more people to Hagsätra. Hagsätra Hub is a hub where people can work, do their homework, or go to the movies in a new small cinema that is reminiscent of an old movie theatre that existed in Hagsätra a long time ago. Different types of homes, including youth housing, communal housing, shared flats and standard flats, create conditions for a variety of meetings.

The building is made up of distinct, separate parts. The lower section is built into the terrain, in the form of a step-like solution that achieves a soft transition between nature and building. The upper section is detached from the rest of the building and raised up on columns, which makes it appear to be floating in the air.

Since the suburb was planned and built in the 1950s and 60s, public art has played a prominent role in Hagsätra Centrum, and Hagsätra Hub offers spaces for continuing that tradition.

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