Lund Central
Public Building

Lund Central Station

The brief of the development of Lund Central Station was to bridge the gap between the railway tracks and the urban space. An additional top priority was to make room for the imprint of different eras on the city, thus respecting the historical setting while also pointing to future possibilities. Station buildings of the future will be important nodes in growing metropolitan areas — which is a fact that formed the design of the new Lund Central Station.

Lund, Skåne, Sweden

The east and west sides of the city of Lund are bisected by the railway. The proposal unites the two sides by a wide bridge whose roof forms a park that provides an expansion of the urban public space. The historical square on the east side is framed through the addition of a new building to the west. In addition to serving as an entrance, it is the aim that this new building should function as an urban living room for the inhabitants of Lund, by containing restaurants, a media library and cultural venues.

To handle the busy flow of travellers and provide a smooth transit between trains, buses, trams and cars, the station has been moved up to the level above the tracks. This solution was chosen to provide maximal clarity as well as sufficient space for the many travellers and commuters. It also provides more room for commercial functions inside the station building.

A hotel and a conference section are connected to the station and facilitate the flow from one side of the tracks to the other.

Project made in collaboration with AKT II London, WSP, Morf, Trivector, Warm in the Winter and Gyllenspetz.