Public Building

We are bringing the archipelago into the heart of the city.

The new Tegelbacken in Stockholm offers generous quays and pontoons for a lazy afternoon, a swim or ice skating in winter.

Design proposal, 2011
Tegelbacken, Stockholm
Public building
Belatchew Arkitekter

Facing the sun, café terraces, steps, ramps and wooden decks offer a variety of outdoor spaces for people to relax on and benefit from the beautiful view of the city and the neighboring City Hall. At the center of the pontoons lies a pool with clear water. Thanks to the lush vegetation surrounding the pollution currently found in the water is absorbed. This way, contaminants are extracted using natural methods at the same time as Tegelbacken gets a vitalizing addition of vegetation.

In our proposal the large elevated road, Centralbron, that currently stretches over the water and cuts through the site is removed and transformed into a tunnel blow the water as part of a trail from Globen to Barnhusbron. The railway tracks are preserved offering travelers a grand entrance into the city. Current dark passages under the roads and railway tracks are kept for the traffic while pedestrians and cyclists benefit from a new path stretching over the rail track. This way pedestrians and cyclists can access the water from the main Vasagatan street without crossing the traffic.

On the new square we suggest the creation of a new public building with activities that can attract people at all hours which will help make the area a safer urban place. The building can house activities such as Media Library, exhibitions and performances. Its different parts are directed towards different points of attraction in the city such as, the City Hall, Riddarholmen and the parliament. On the roof, public terraces offer an unobstructed view over the city.