Villa UH1

Villa UH1, Single family house, Nacka, Stockholm

The house is conceived as a part of the landscape climbing gently up a hilly terrain.

An inner courtyard allows for privacy as well as for maximum daylight.

The roof is covered with green moss, making the building integrate with the surrounding nature as the boundaries between construction and landscape dissolve. Project developed by Unika Hem Skandinavien AB.

Villa UH1. Architect: Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, Stockholm

(Photos: Micahel Perlmutter, Patrik Engquist)

BuzzBuilding in Archinect, 2014.
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Rahel Belatchew in HSB Uppsala 80 år, 2013
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Twist in Trä! #2 2015
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Strawscraper in VICE August 2013
Rahel Belatchew in Form Magazine
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Rahel Belatchew portrayed in ICON Magazine #7 2012.
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"stockholm loop project reuses existing structures to create new infrastructure, by belatchew labs"
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In 2017 Green Savers published an article about InsectCity.
In 2017 Swedish magazine RUM published an article about Fjärilen.
Tidskriften Rum
“Rahel Belatchew of the Swedish urban design practice, Belatchew Arkitekter, highlighted an experimental proposal of how urbanites in Stockholm could one day get their food.”
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