Rahel Belatchew Hosted Sweden’s Most Popular Radio Show

13 augusti 2021

Sommar i P1 (Summer on P1) is one of the most popular shows on Swedish radio. It has been broadcast every summer since 29 June 1959.

Each 90-minute-long programme in the series – which is broadcast daily from Midsummer’s day until the middle of August at 13:00 (a timeslot held since the first episode) and repeated in the late evening – is presented by a different host who talks about a topic of personal relevance and plays music of their own choosing.

This year Rahel Belatchew will be one of the hosts, about language, architecture and memories. Rahel’s show was broadcasted on August 13.

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Rahel Belatchew
Sommarvärd 2021 Sommar i P1
P1 Sveriges Radio Foto: Mattias Ahlm/Sveriges Radio
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2021, Rahel Belatchews Sommar i P1
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